Last year Guerilla Science was awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation to bring together artists and scientists for a six-week residency. The residency culminated at the Oregon Eclipse festival, where our residents got people eating bugs, making lube and looking at the world through new lenses – literally. We had so much fun we’re doing it all again this year!

A festival-goer in goggles by resident Thomas Koff, at last year’s Oregon Eclipse festival

Our second batch of residents are already hard at work developing a whole new set of festival projects. We’ll be bringing the results of their work to FIGMENT NYC this summer, an interactive art festival held on Governor’s Island. While we hope to see you there, you can have a sneak peak of what they’re up to right now!


Resident Alexandria Schieber, a microbiologist at Salk Institute, will be offering festival audiences an immersive intestinal experience. Her project, Precious Germs, gets everyone exploring the life inside them, including painting with germs!


Residents Joro Boro and Mary Frisbee are the minds behind being((:))sound, a project which explores the intersection of sound, story, presence and relating – to oneself, to one’s environment, and to others. For the festival they’re collaborating with neuroscientist Claudia Aguirre to bring Hear and Now – a workshop that explores the many ways we experience sound. What would it feel like to experience sound as the touch of the world?


In The Fabric of Spacetime, designer Kayla Lewis and quantum physicist Gabriela Lemos will come together to create branded experiences that introduce people to the three most renowned theories of quantum gravity. Choose which weaving of spacetime best fits your #aesthetic!


Artist Lauren Ruiz is bringing her Plasticization Clinic from the future to FIGMENT – in a world where plastic is everywhere, this clinic will analyze just how much plastic might be present not only in your life, but inside your body.


Resident Olivia Jezler will be helping festival goers with a different kind of translation. Using cross-modal research, guests will explore the shape of smell and how this sense affects them in surprising ways. The Smell Translator will transform an invisible and transient sense into one that is physical and visible.


With Balloon Brain, scientist and artist Sarah Vitak will help guests make memories – both literally and figuratively. It’s an immersive, interactive piece of brain made entirely from balloons. Festival-goers can wander through a jungle of neurons or make new memories by moving, disconnecting and reconnecting neurons – all by blowing and popping balloons.


Lastly, artist Thomas Koff, who helped people see through those new lenses at Oregon Eclipse, is returning with a new project – Eye Contact Cocktails! As humans, we’re born into a set of conditions we didn’t get much say over, like eye color, sex and more – and it can be hard to imagine things from someone else’s point of view. This experience finally gives people the chance to do just that, by bringing everyone up to the same height. People can engage with each other and the world from a (literally) new perspective.


We’re excited to see how these projects continue to grow, and can’t wait to share them with you on 23-24 June at FIGMENT NYC!