We took over the sinks in the bathrooms at 3LD Art + Technology Center, home of our Works on Water project, to connect one of our most common — and mindless — interactions with water to four current water-related threats from around the globe.

Visual artist Marianna de Nadal stands by one of interactive installations at Works on Water. Images by Marina McClure.

Working in collaboration with video artist Marianna de Nadal and creative technologist Frances Yuan Wang, we took inspiration from the work of numerous water scientists including Deepti Singh, Terry Hughes, and Ben Cook, as well as activists including Robin Perkins of Greenpeace. The projections, for those who have yet to experience them, change when the faucet is turned on and water flows down the drain. They transform from beautiful scenery to reminders of the effects we humans have on our planet. Learn more about the installation below.

Our four interactive sink installations are:

CORAL BLEACHING | Great Barrier Reef, Australia

  • Record high ocean temperatures in 2015-16 caused the bleaching and death of hundreds of miles of coral in the world’s largest reef.



  • California’s reliance on pumping from groundwater reserves to help combat waves of drought has permanently shrunk the size and capacity of reserves to store water in the future.



  • Increased extreme rainfall during the monsoon season can be particularly devastating for rice farmers, who historically have relied on a single crop for their livelihood.


RIVER POLLUTION | Rio Santiago Lerma, Mexico

  • Decades of unregulated chemical dumping have made Mexico’s second-longest river unfit for swimming or drinking and, in some places, covered with clouds of foul-smelling foam.