We’re very excited to be heading to the Isle of Wight this September for our very first Bestival. We’ll be presenting three days of events – details listed below! 



11:00 Creepy Cornucopia: Tim Maynard

Our resident zookeeper introduces chameleon Geoff, Harriet the tarantula, and Millicent the giant millipede. Let a serpent coil in your hair, a scorpion scuttle across your palms, and help us get the party started.

12:00 Alien Hunter: Lewis Dartnell

Ever wondered what an alien might actually look like? Transcend the sci-fi and embrace the science with astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell, as he asks one of humanity’s most important questions: are we alone…?

13:00 Robo-fish! Keri Collins

Keri builds submarines that look and move like fish. Join us as we delve into a world of biomimicry, espionage and mechanical engineering. Plus we ask: what happens if you put robo-fish in a deep fat fryer?

14:00 Small & Beautiful Experiments: Steve Mould

Like close up magic but with science. Gather round for these tiny marvels of magnetism, fire, light, sound and chemistry. Do try this at home.

15:00 Bestival 2050: Mike Hughson & Chris Grant

By day, Chris and Mike tinker with stem cells and make new vaccines. By night, they forecast the future. Rate their latest predictions, from growing new organs in the lab to creating life in a petri dish, and decide whether they’re likely to become fact or remain science fiction.

16:00 Dirty Sexy Quiz: Steve Mould & Zoe Cormier

Guerilla Scientists Steve and Zoe will run us through tawdry trivia and filthy facts. Delve into the epidemiology of fisting, radioactive contraceptives, the fetish spectrum, and a rousing round of the pin the penis on the brain.