We’re very excited to be heading to the Isle of Wight this September for our very first Bestival. We’ll be presenting three days of events – details listed below!


11:00 I’m Infected! Joe Latimer & Gavin Humphreys

Microbiologists Joe and Gavin take us a tour of the bugs that dwell on and within the human frame. Can you tell your E. coli from your Lactobacillus acidophilus? Join us to ponder where we would be without our body’s microscopic flora.

12:00 Bacterial Burp Off: Michael Warwick, Richard Briggs & Joe Latimer

We’re putting e-nose technology to a filthy new purpose. Find out who has the stinkiest burps and the foulest breath, as our cutting edge chemical sensor reveals the fetid flora lurking in your larynx.

13:00 Dirty Minds: Aidan Horner & Jim Parkinson

Would you masturbate inside a brain scanner? What if somebody else joined you? The story of how we mapped the naughty bits in the brain is almost as enticing as what it all means – truth is stranger than friction.

14:00 Disgusting Little Beasts: Tim Maynard & Fran Meeten

Grab a fistful of maggots. Eat dog food. Cuddle a tarantula. Or – better yet – watch somebody else do it. Join psychologist Fran and zookeeper Tim for an exploration of disgust, fear, and the evolution of our primal instincts.

15:00 Pecha Kucha

Prepare yourself for a filthy and frenetic dirt-themed ‘Pecha Kucha’. We give four speakers 6 minutes and 40 seconds to arouse, amaze, disgust and befoul us in any way they please…

16:00 Dirty Sexy Quiz: Steve Mould & Zoe Cormier

Guerilla Scientists Steve and Zoe will run us through tawdry trivia and filthy facts. Delve into the epidemiology of fisting, radioactive contraceptives, the fetishspectrum, and a rousing round of the pin the penis on the brain.

These events are part of the Wellcome Trust’s fantastic and filthy Dirt season