We’re very excited to be heading to the Isle of Wight this September for our very first Bestival. We’ll be presenting three days of events – details listed below!


11:00 Where are all the Cyborgs? Sarah Sydney

If sci-fi’s anything to go by, bionic people should have been walking among us years ago. Prosthetics expert Sarah goes in search of our transhuman future, by way of Oscar Pistorius, Captain Hook and the latest robotic hands.

12:00 Galactic Gourmet: Rachel Edwards-Stuart & Jessica Chambers

Experimental epicures Rachel and Jessica will take us on a whistlestop tour of the history of space food – eating in orbit is even harder than it sounds. Sample interstellar ice cream, dehydrated steak and zero gravity cake.

13:00 Rocket Science: Simon Foster

Witness rocket-man Simon go ballistic as he cooks up an explosive mixture of Newtonian physics, Nazi flying bombs, and Cold War moon missions. Expect loud bangs, ion drives and hopefully some lift-off.

14:00 Synthetic Aesthetics: Daisy Ginsberg & Fernan Federici

Synthetic biology may soon give us the power to redesign life. So what should we make? Join artist/designer Daisy and biologist Fernan to discover a project that invites artists and scientists to explore the coming bio-synthetic age.

15:00 Biochemical Assault Course: Mike Hughson & Chris Grant

Become the drugs as they are made and fight for survival through the obstacle course filtration process: first one to make it to a blister pack wins. Come purify, centrifuge and vacuum-pack yourself into a pharmacological treat.


11:00-17:00 Microbial Menagerie: Microbiologist Zookeepers

Featuring the flora and fauna of the human body. Spot the bum!

11:00-17:00 Creepy Cornucopia: Tim Maynard

Scorpions. Snakes. Tarantulas. Maggots. Oh yes.

16:00 Cockroach Racing

Winner takes all.