We will make our first appearance of 2010 this Friday at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, in partnership with the British Science Association, who will be staging an evening of games and entertainment.

Guerilla Scientist Steve Mould with our newest addition: Sonic Fire.

Guerilla Science’s offering will be to throw some music, fire and bass into the mix. The newest Guerilla Scientist Steve Mould – actor and science presenter – will change the way you see sound (literally) with an impeccable Reuben’s Tube of dancing flames.

9:00pm Singing in the Brain

Zoe Cormier will explain how music tickles our grey matter and what neuroscience has taught us about the possible origins of organised sound.

9:30pm Sonic Fire

Discover what sounds are made of with Steve’s string of flaming noise, accompanied by Chloe Hamborg on the flute. We will also be distributing free bass. (Acoustic. Not otherwise.)

Bethnal Green Working Mens’ Club
42-44 Pollard Row
London E2 6NB
8pm – 2am

Free before 10am / £3 after