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The Lost Lovers Ball

January 13, 2011 — by Zoe
For three nights this winter, Guerilla Science will explore the science of love with the Secret Garden Party as part of The Lost Lover's Ball, February 11, 12 and 13. Come join us as we explore the secrets of sexuality and the evolution of love deep inside the chambers of the sublime...
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Neural Renovation

December 2, 2010 — by Zoe
Two dabs of conductant. A mouthguard, for your protection. Sturdy straps to secure you safely. A split second dose of electricity. And finally, a convulsive seizure lasting 15 seconds or more to trim the connections in your brain and erase the pain from your mind. If you didn't see us...
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Guerilla gorilla

September 23, 2010 — by Zoe
The scientific name for the gorilla is (pay attention now, this will be hard to remember) Gorilla gorilla. We've named ours Guerilla gorilla. I finally learned how to make gorillas in August, for the Green Man festival. By mid September I had refined my paper primates, to be given out at...
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Green Man: Flavour Feast

September 5, 2010 — by louis
This summer I learnt many new skills: how to be a judge, build an island, cook pannacotta. But perhaps the strangest task I got to grips with was the creation of alarmingly-coloured spaghetti and 'caviar' out of agar and pureed vegetables. Making gelatinous green beads and red...
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