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Green Man: Flavour Feast

September 5, 2010 — by louis
This summer I learnt many new skills: how to be a judge, build an island, cook pannacotta. But perhaps the strangest task I got to grips with was the creation of alarmingly-coloured spaghetti and 'caviar' out of agar and pureed vegetables. Making gelatinous green beads and red...
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Green Man: Liars’ Picnic

August 25, 2010 — by louis
"I don't believe your favourite film's Inception - that is definitely a lie!" Accusations and deceit were on the cards at our Liars' Picnic in the Green Man yurt tent last weekend. Lynsey Gozna and Rachel Taylor, both psychologists who study deception, joined us to speak about what the...
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Green Man: Walking the Brain

August 25, 2010 — by Zoe
Walkies! We needed to keep our brain in the car overnight for safe keeping, so each day it had to be taken for a walk to the site and back. We've given away sweet facts, bass balloons and origami before - but a giant brain in a wheelbarrow was indisputably the best advertisement...
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Green Man Festival 2010

August 19, 2010 — by Zoe
The sublime Brecon Beacons beckon. Catch us August 20 to 22 in Einstein's Garden. Sounds of the Universe: Lewis Dartnell & Andrew Pontzen Walks: Friday 1330 & 1630, Saturday 1100, 1400 & 1715, Sunday 1300 & 1545 Talks: Friday 1630 w/ Andrew & Sat 1330 w/ Lewis, Yurt...
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Mad Pics of the Mad Scientist

August 12, 2010 — by Zoe
Photographer Kevin Rooney, whose lovely portfolio can be perused here and his flickr site explored here (Pandy Cants - what a handle), has kindly said we could post his stellar pics of chemist Dr Andrew Szydlo's explosive perfomance at Lovebox this past July. The wonderful Dr...
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Secret Cinema: Blade Runner

August 1, 2010 — by Zoe
In June 2010, the Secret Cinema transformed two warehouses in London's Canary Wharf into Blade Runner's Los Angeles, circa 2019. Complete with a raucous Chinatown, cyber punks, smashed up vintage cars, renegade replicants, skulking bladerunners, sultry strippers, shifty serpent sellers and...
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The Mathematician

July 31, 2010 — by Zoe
"Chuffed" is an understatement to how we felt at the Secret Garden Party when we hosted Marcus du Sautoy, the current Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science. As successor - and far more likeable alternative - to Richard Dawkins, he holds the highest official position in the...
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