Comedian and radio show host Chris Duffy is hosting our NYC Sensory Speed Date takeover. Chris’s shows have been featured in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, LA Weekly, and in The Onion A.V. Club. He is currently a staff writer for the Explorer TV show on NatGeo.

Chris Duffy and You're the Expert

Chris Duffy speaking to the audience on the public radio show, “You’re the Expert.”

As a comedian, I have performed in some unusual situations. Once, I shared the stage with a giant live bat. Another time, I performed in a club where a burst pipe slowly filling the room with water. I’ve done shows where the audience was hundreds of neuroscientists, a group of kindergarteners who’d just eaten cake, and a single elderly couple. (Those were all separate shows, although I hope to one day get those audiences together into one room.)

Chris Duffy

While it’s fun to do a regular old show, the most memorable nights are when I’ve done something different and out of the ordinary. That’s why I’m so excited to host Sensory Speed Dating in New York City.

Here’s a fact: It’s hard to meet people! That’s true whether you’re looking for platonic friends, romantic partners, or a just person who can give you an honest opinion on whether your latest blog post is funny or not. So what is a New Yorker to do?

Join a large group of blindfolded strangers in an interactive science-based night of activities hosted by a comedian and a neuroscientist or two. That’s the obvious choice.


I am so curious and excited to see audience’s reactions as they use their difference senses to connect with the people around them. Every single New Yorker has had the experience of getting on a crowded subway, becoming wedged into a stranger’s sweaty armpit and thinking: “This is a full-frontal assault on my sense and nothing good will ever happen again.” But I doubt many of us have thought as clearly about the flip side, of what we enjoy and what stimulates our senses.  I’m excited to see what happens!

Also, worst-case scenario, it’ll definitely be a memorable night and a great story.