This July we’re heading to Citadel Festival for the ultimate summer Sunday. Join us to discover how to navigate dreams and dating on 16 July…

Guerilla Science at Secret Garden Party. 23.7.16 ©Richard Eaton

Sunday 16th July Lineup

12.30 – Lessons in Lucid Dreaming

Start your Sunday with a gentle hum, and join us for a lesson in lucid dreaming. Discover how to blur waking and sleeping, steer surreal worlds, and control your wildest fantasies.

This therapeutic tutorial will brighten your morning, as we provide you with the tools to direct your own dreamscapes and navigate nocturnal meditations, and reveal what this tells us about the human mind.

Find us hanging out with Dream Researcher Josie Malinowski by the giant brain!

17.00 – Lust, Sex, and Brains

Join us for a multisensory exploration of attraction. Discover how your senses, brain, and body react when you meet a special someone, and investigate the science behind those magical moments.

We will guide you through a series of sensory adventures based on scientific research in neuroscience, genetics and psychology, as we deconstruct dating and analyse attraction, and attempt to uncover how you really choose a lover.

Hosted by Behaviour Psychologist Carmen Lefevre, this titillating experience is open to daters of all persuasions – single, partnered, straight, LGBTQ, polyamorous, and everything in between.

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