It is with great excitement that we announce the menu for our majestic feast of filth, designed by jellymongers and food artisans Bompas & Parr. The evening’s gourmet grime in all its glory is unveiled:

Cheese with mould and radioactive cheese serum (goat’s curd)
Geophagy – Chocolate soil – Papua New Guinea mud cakes
Bacterial jelly

Gin punch

Natto – Soy sauce
Pickled vegetables
Fermented Fish

Innis & Gunn Beer

Imu (pork)
Root vegetables
Smokey BBQ sauce
Mushroom Katsup

Fine Wines

Aphrodisiac marshmallows
Prosecco and violet jelly breasts with gold leaf nipples
Ambergris posset

Ice Wine

Civet coffee – chocolate anuses

Charcoal cleansed Thames Water

Tickets for this event at Crossness featuring anthropologist Val Curtis and epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani have now sold out. However, we’ll be recreating the banquet on 21 July at the Secret Garden Party – catch us then if you can!

The Dirt Banquet is part of a season of events, games and a major exhibition at Wellcome Collection.