Have a listen to the sounds of the Mutant Circus at the Eden Project in beautiful Cornwall – expect less buzzing and more beats, expertly curated by Dr Fly himself.

In May 2018, the Eden Project became the perfect stage for the Mutant Circus as our mutant fruit flies welcomed visitors to the opening of ‘Invisible Worlds’: the Eden Project’s new exhibition celebrating the science we can’t see, from the forces of physics to the wonders of genetics.

The Mutant Circus aims to entertain and amaze with the stories behind one of science’s most under-appreciated model organisms: Drosophila melanogaster, also known as the humble fruit fly. Everyday, our conspicuously humanoid mutants roamed the beautiful gardens of Eden thrilling and enthralling Homo sapiens and their canine friends with tales of Nobel prizes, curious mutations, and terrible (TERRIBLE) puns.

Dr James Hodge graced us with a talk on the contribution of Drosophila to our understanding of biology and medicine, while human-sized flies Yuri, Groucho, Antennapedia, and Fruitless explained their own mutations and introduced the inquisitive to real fly demonstrations. Finally, in a fly inspired metamorphosis, Dr Hodge transformed into the funky Dr Fly to begin our evenings with a daily DJ set.

Sounds great, right? If you feel like you’ve missed out then don’t fear – we’ve got a playlist so that you can imagine dancing shoulder to shoulder with the Wingmaster himself. From turntables to the periodic table, you’ll be Living on the Ceiling when you expose yourself to the sonic marvels of the Mutant Circus Megamix.

And of course, every fly and human disco needs a healthy dose of Human Fly by the Cramps:

“I’m a human fly
I spell (it) F-L-Y
I say buzz buzz buzz
and it’s just because
I’m a human fly
and I don’t know why
I’ve got 96 tears
and 96 eyes”

Human Fly – The Cramps