This Halloween, Guerilla Science went to San Francisco as part of the California Academy of Science’s Creatures of Nightlife and the Bay Area Science Festival.


Halloween species surgery, by facepaint!

As part of the festivities, Dr Moreau’s Species Surgery set up shop. Our team helped horrified revelers accept the amazing evolutionary advantages of becoming a monster.

Werewolf? Nice warm coat. Good night vision. The animal lovers choice!

Zombie? Taking its cue from the mind altering Toxoplasma gondii mouse parasite, our innovative zombie surgery will have have you fitting right in with all the ‘brainy’ people.


Wendy and Phil promote our 2-for-1 vampire special: For the bloody minded.

The Cal Academy’s team made dreams reality – by facepaint! Of course, the Guerilla Science Lab Rat was on hand to make sure it all ran smoothly.


One of the Lab Rats somehow made it all the way to California!

Special thanks to acting troupe Ben Cedars, Adrian Vazquez, and Karola Kreitmair who teamed up with local graduate students Wendy Ingram, Kelly Schiabor and Phil Cleves, and Cal Academy scientist Vanessa Knutson. More photos are available on our Flickr site.