They say that everyone passes through New York at some point, and this August we found that to be true of ourselves. For the first time, Guerilla Science hosted an event in the US of A, at the very first cross-Atlantic foray for the folks behind the Secret Garden Party: Escape2NY.

Deer in the headlights.

Hoping to bring their unique brand of costumed revelry to American shores, they produced a weekend combining fantastic music – including Patti Smith, Au Revoir Simone, and the divine Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – with the immersive installations, experimental art and badass soundsystems that the SGP has become known for. You can see all their photos of the event here.

To produce an event in the US – wholly new territory for GS – we reunited with Mark Rosin, one of our founding members, now living in California where he researches at UCLA, and recruited a new member: Olivia Koski, a laser weapons developer for Lockheed Martin turned science journalist.

Understanding perfectly our style of mixing science with art, music and play, Olivia and Mark pulled together some fantastically experimental performers, including Adam Rinn the sword swallower

Rogue Taxidermist Robert Marbury…

…and John Mayes, a physics lecturer at Rutgers who teaches scientific principles with explosions, fire and pain. How many teachers can describe themselves as the meat in a bed of nails sandwich?

Funniest moment: when costumed bunnies stumbled upon the taxidermy session.

Most cathartic moment: when we had to dispose of the extra liquid nitrogen by pouring it all over the grass.

After founding this organisation four years ago, it was so validating, so rewarding, and so energizing to see it come to life again in a new country – the crowd twigged just as quickly what we are about.

The first American event for GS – and almost certainly not the last.