This summer we’re partnering with the New York Academy of Sciences to spread our guerilla-style methods of public engagement! Are you a scientist seeking a creative outlet and connection to a broader audience? Or a creative professional who wants to inspire others with a passion for science? Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience and learn first-hand how we spark wonder for the public in New York City! Apply for the August workshop here and the September workshop here.

First, the workshop

Held at the New York Academy of Sciences, this three-day activity-rich workshop will cover topics including: science, society and culture; audience interactions; mixing science with art, music, and play; building immersive experiences; bringing science into unusual places; and designing for equity and impact. The workshop will culminate in a final showcase where participants bring together all they have learned in a unique public engagement activity they will share, first with their peers, and then with the general public as part of their field experience. The workshop will also include optional field-trips and social activities in the evenings.

Then, the field experience

Graduates from the workshop will create, perform and engage with public audiences in two days of field activities, pop-up events, and immersive, playful events at the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, New York (August 20-25). Participants will have the option to select any two days of the five-day fair period for their field work. This unique experience will enable them to synthesize all they’ve learned, while introducing new, diverse audiences to the excitement of scientific discovery.

Eligibility and selection Criteria

All disciplines and professions are welcome to apply! Scientists and artists, including performance artists, are encouraged to apply. Scientist applicants must be in their 2nd year of their PhD or beyond, or have graduated from their higher education program more than 12 months ago. Applicants from all locations are welcome, but for those traveling from beyond the NYC metropolitan area, please be aware that we cannot provide travel support.

Head over to the New York Academy of Sciences website to apply now! August workshop dates are here and September workshop dates are here.

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