We returned to Citadel Festival with our trademark form of renegade research for the second year running!

Citadel Festival is a celebration of the ultimate summer Sunday. Taking place in West London’s beautiful Gunnersbury Park, it offered up an impressive lineup of music, arts, culture and sports, with everything from comedy to spoken word. On July 15, we took over the Science Camp with 3 Guerilla experiences…

Space Yoga – in association with the UK Space Agency

Stretch like an astronaut! This intergalactic yoga class will take you on a tour of the cosmos, and reveal what happens to our bodies and minds when we travel to outer space. Join this spangled cosmic laboratory, as we use real exercise to experiment with gravity and explore weightlessness – uncovering what it really does to our physiology and psychology.

Taught by both a certified teacher and space scientist, interstellar yoga moves will prepare you for space travel and combat the strange out-of-this-world effects of zero gravity environments. Space Yoga is a revolutionary new approach to practising yoga, combining exercise and space science. Bend in the name of science, and train for your very own mission to space!

Flavour Feast

Dive into the multisensory science of food and flavour. Dare to trick your senses with a series of edible demos, and discover how food interacts with tongues, noses and brains. Sensory perception neuroscientists will hack your taste buds using multisensory activities, and uncover why smell, touch, sight and hearing have a big impact on what we taste.

You’ll get a lunch bag to share with a friend, featuring a range of flavour-twisting nibbles and handheld experiments that expose the secret world of flavour perception. This smorgasbord of scientific snacks features tastes, colours, textures, and sound, which reveal that flavour is not always what you expect…

Attraction Lab

Delve into a multisensory exploration of attraction. Find out how your senses, brain and body react when you meet a special someone, and investigate the science behind those magical moments. Take part in a series of sensory adventures based on scientific research in psychology, neuroscience and genetics, as we deconstruct dating and analyse attraction, and attempt to uncover how you really choose a lover.

You’ll discover what the smell of sweat tells us about a prospective partner, how eating kale and carrots transforms flirtation, why long vocal chords are sexy, and so much more. This titillating experience is open to daters of all persuasions – single, partnered, straight, LGBTQ, polyamorous, and everything in between!


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