The Intergalactic Travel Bureau landed in New York City’s newest venue, CAVEAT, to showcase 6 years of merging the latest space science research with arts, storytelling, and design. Its mission is to bring the wonders of space to everyone by weaving science into an immersive pop-up travel agency, a cabaret, VR, and more.

Jana Grcevich and Olivia Koski, co-authors of the Vacation Guide to the Solar System, hosted a relaxing evening imaging life in space. Guests were able to touch the rocky plains of a 3D printed Mars, gaze up at a view of the Earth from a virtual Apollo 11 landing site, and take pictures on an alien world! The authors showed off the technology, performance art, and design behind the Intergalactic Travel Bureau, our immersive pop-up experience that has connected thousands of people with the wonders of the universe.

Each ticket included:

  • A photo on the Moon
  • A collectible postcard from space (sent to a friend at the event or to take home)
  • VR Cardboard viewer

Olivia Koski is Head of Operations at Guerilla Science. Previously she worked as a senior producer at The Atavist Magazine and a laser engineer at Lockheed Martin.

Jana Grcevich is a data scientist and has a PhD in astronomy. She is interested in the intersection of astronomy, art, and data visualization.

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