Science fiction or fact? We revealed the science behind fake news at this unusual quiz night hosted by a conspiracy theory expert and a political psychologist. 

We separated reality from bald-faced lies with political psychologist Keith O’Brien and conspiracy theory expert Viren Swami, and took our audience behind the science of fake news.

Teams took part in quick fire quiz rounds jam-packed with the latest science and the most up-to-date nonsense. They were tested on how well they could spot a fib from a mile away, discovered why people believe in conspiracy theories, and whether fake news is just harmless fun or a growing problem.

The winning team was awarded with a Guerilla Science tote bag filled with a poster and t-shirt from our brilliant Mutant Fly collection (available to buy here!) along with a cash prize.

This was the third event of our 2018 monthly residency at The Book Club. The next event is Psychedelic Life Drawing taking place on Wednesday 4 April – tickets are available here.

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