Science fiction or fact? We uncovered the science behind fake news at this unusual quiz night hosted by a conspiracy theory expert and a political psychologist. 

Is fake news just harmless fun or is it a growing problem? Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? What role does social media play in the rise of fake news? Think you can spot a fib from a mile away?

Hosted by political psychologist Keith O’Brien and conspirary theory psychologist Viren Swami, we dissected science fiction from fact. Audiences used their sense of humour along with a healthy dose of scepticism to make it through this science-on-fake-news pub quiz.

Our fake news specialists took over The Book Club in Shoreditch, to run quick fire rounds jam-packed with the latest science and the most up-to-date nonsense that is flooding our media. The top fact-checking sleuths walked away with guerilla prizes!

This was the final event in our three-month autumn Superculture residency with Mothership Group in London.

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