In June 2015 we took part in FIGMENT NYC and brought a breathtaking mixture of science, art, music and play.

After a three-year hiatus, we were excited to head back to the FIGMENT NYC art festival on Governor’s Island for a free, participatory experience.

We offered audience members the chance to compete in the Oobleck Olympics, plan a vacation to space with the Intergalactic Travel Bureau, experience love through touch and taste, focus light with strings, and try anatomical life drawing. They were also able to witness the debut of our SoundScapes project – an exploration of the ties between music and math brought to life through fire and water!

Here’s the full programme of activities:


11:00 & 2:00 — Anatomical Life Drawing

Take part in a life drawing event like no other! Artist Brian Brooks and Dr. Paul Smereka bring the anatomy of the human body to life from the inside and out with imagination and a bit of body paint.

12:30 & 3:30 — Sensory Speed Dating

Explore how touch, smell and taste drive your desires in this exploration of love, neuroscience and the senses. Come with a friend or lover. Who knows, you might even get lucky… Hosted by sex scientist Zhana Vrangalova and the always riotous Zach Kopciak.

5:00 — Science Pub Quiz

Can birds keep time to Michael Jackson? What type of webs do spiders weave while hopped up on mescaline? Test your knowledge of the peculiar with journalist Steph Yin. Big prizes for the winners!

10:00 – 6:00 — DIY Bio

A sensational and fruity exploration of the keys to life. See, feel and touch the helical glue that binds us all together with biohacker Oliver Medvedik. You’ll have a chance to try it yourself!


12:00 – 4:00 — Flavor Feast

Taste and smell culinary oddities guaranteed to befuddle your nose, tongue and brain. Entrust and explore your senses with neurobiologist Leslie Vosshall and chemist Kent Kirshenbaum.

5:00 — Science Pub Quiz
Did we sing before we had true language? Why does the penis have a special place in the brain? Consider the extraordinary in this quiz with a twist. Hosted by journalist Steph Yin.

10:00 – 6:00 — String Art

Examine the magic and beauty of reflections through interactive string art. Build your own sculpture with artist Lillian Thomas.

Out & About All Weekend

Intergalactic Travel Bureau

Visit the Intergalactic Travel Bureau, the resource for all of your luxury space travel needs. Let our team of experienced agents plan your vacation of a lifetime—to another planet! Take your photo on Mars and explore alien terrain with virtual reality. Featuring Jana Grcevich, Renee Hlozek, Ricky Nilsson, Juan Ibáñez-Mejía, David Marsh and Olle Roberg.

Oobleck Olympics

Take part in the greatest relay race in town, where you’ll need both brain and brawn to complete our athletic water challenges! Snarky commentary provided by our crack team of comic performers & expert scientists. Featuring Enrico Fonda, Kelly Reidy, James Hedberg, Alex Tatarsky and Frank Todaro.

Reflections on Lasers

You are invited to contemplate and control the passage of directed energy. Align the beams of your laser and be rewarded! Designed by laser engineer Olivia Koski and physicist James Hedberg.

Visualizing Vibrations with Zach Walker

Behold the scientific principal of cymatics through this interactive sculpture. Visualize the sound of your own voice with water on a speaker. Use your hands to create and play with a non-Newtonian fluid. Messy and fun!


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