In October we held a spectacular showcase of sound and fire. Multisensory artists performed new works designed to reveal the interconnectedness between music and the physical nature of sound.

Designed and built by Guerilla Science, the Fire Organ is the ultimate analog sound visualizer. Using any kind of sound input — from voices to acoustic instruments to electronics — the Fire Organ creates new ways of understanding and experiencing music by revealing the shape and motion of sound waves through a dance of flames.

Fire Organ Soundscapes presented new work by Ziemba, P. Spadine, and Levy Lorenzo – the culmination of months of work that each artist spent exploring the custom-built Fire Organ. Ziemba (aka René Kladzyk), known for her otherworldly songs, sonically activated flames and fragrant scents in a thoroughly synesthetic performance. Spadine, leader of Ashcan Orchestra, worked with a passel of literal bells and whistles as well as homemade electronics – new methods that allowed flames to drive sounds while sounds in turn drove flames. Percussionist and electronics visionary Lorenzo explores provocative and new ways for humans to use their bodies to make sound, and looked at its sonic effects in the fire.

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