Our friends at Hendrick’s commissioned us to create a day of events on the theme of ‘the universe inside your head’ to their travelling parlour of enlightenment, landing at Festival Number 6 in September 2014.

Over two days in the Italianate splendour of Portmeirion we got to grips with the power of smell with neuroscientist Ed Bracey, ran a zombie workshop with Frank Swain, and unwrapped minds as the wonderful David Carmel discussed consciousness. We were also joined by charity Headway East London to explore what it’s like to live with a serious brain injury.

See the full programme of events below:


13:00 – Who Are You Now?

Ben Graham from brain injury charity Headway East London will discuss the causes and impacts of brain injuries, looking at memory, behaviour and identity.

15:00 – Consciousness 

Are you awake? Are you dreaming? How much of our world is a construction of our brain, a mere figment of our imagination? Join psychologist David Carmel as he reveals what science can and cannot tell us about the mysteries of consciousness.


13:00 – The Power of Smell 

Mice can undergo smell-induced abortions. Horses can tell how related they are to other horses by sniffing them. What about humans? Encounter the sensational power of smell with neuroscientist Ed Bracey as he explores how our marvellous brains interpret scent, how we compare with other animals and how smell actually works.

15:00 – Zombies I Have Known and Loved

Famed for their obsession with brains zombies have long been part of the mainstream. Over a zombie-making workshop, author Frank Swain takes us through the science of zombies, from dog heads brought back to life without their bodies to military interrogation techniques. Welcome to the weird and wonderful fringes of science.

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