Our experimental cabaret, the Intergalactic Travel Bureau Stage Show, landed in London on 7, 8 and 9 June at Lost Rivers Elephant! The show brought together artists, scientists, and community groups to experiment and explore space travel through theatre.

Hooray for a successful first launch! Thanks to the support of the UK Space Agency and the Wellcome Trust, we’ve scaled our popular Intergalactic Travel Bureau pop-up into a spectacular stage show.

Audiences embarked on the adventure of a lifetime to the final frontiers of space. Guided by our Intergalactic Travel Agents, intrepid explorers journeyed to the moon, visited the best planetary destinations in our solar system, then headed at the speed of light to the outer edges of the galaxy — all before a successful return home to Earth. Travellers encountered the physical, emotional, and psychological effects that occur in microgravity, and discovered whether life could be like in space…

Lead by director Chris Rolls, we commissioned two cutting-edge artists, Empress Stah and Bishi, to create new work through collaborations with brilliant space scientists, Beth Healey, Zita MartinsLouisa Preston and Julia Attias, along with marvellous quantum physicist, Ben Allanach. Drawing on their research, Empress Stah devised and performed a lunar aerial hoop solo, while Bishi performed her space science-inspired as Jupiter’s moon Europa.

In the lead up to the performance, we shaped the storyline of the show through conversations between the artists, scientists, and local community groups, and sharing the creative process between the artists and scientists on our social channels. 


Looking for intergalactic art by graphic artist and illustrator Steve Thomas? Purchase it via our shop.

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