We collaborated with 64 Million Artists to bring you a #MealsofTomorrow weekly challenge. Futuristic feasts were drawn, sculpted, cooked and created! 

Catalysts for creativity, 64 Million Artists set a weekly challenge for their followers on Do Think Share.  We teamed up with them to produce a challenge based on your vision of what future food might look like. The challenge took place from 15th – 21st October and we’ve listed it below should any intrepid foodies like to have a go! 



As our population continues to expand, and our climate continues to change, the future of food security is becoming increasingly important. How do we feed the world’s population in a way that is efficient and sustainable? Many people think veganism is the answer, but what about alternative sources of protein, like insects, or eating seasonal and local produce? In honour of our event, Meals of Tomorrow at StreetLife October in Hackney, Guerilla Science are inviting you to…


The Challenge

Create your own Meal of Tomorrow! This meal can be theoretical or visual – write a be a recipe or draw a picture of it. Try to make this meal as environmentally friendly as possible, maybe cook something vegetarian, or have a go with alternative-meat substitutes like tempeh or tofu, or maybe use seasonal, local, organic veg to make a super tasty soup.


If you have more time

Go the full way and bring your meal of tomorrow to life – cook it!



What makes food sustainable and environmentally friendly? What foods are resource heavy or resource light? How far has that food had to fly to get to your local supermarket?



On our Twitter / Instagram @guerillascience and 64 Million Artists twitter @64M_Artists. Don’t forget to #MealsofTomorrow – we look forward to seeing your creations!

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