Roll up, roll up, the Mutant Circus is coming to town! Step right up for your chance to meet our troupe of colourful characters as they showcase their remarkable abilities for your entertainment and astonishment. Giants! Hairy marvels! Eyeless wonders! Deformed monstrosities! All are here in the form of… the humble fruit fly.

This spectacular roving performance brings audiences face-to-face with the fruit fly and its scientific legacy. Created in 2015, the Mutant Circus has found its way to Shambala Festival, SMASHfestUK, Secret Garden Party, London’s Columbia Road Flower Market and Cornwall’s Eden Project.

Fruit flies are the unsung heroes of scientific research – for over 100 years they’ve been the workhorse of geneticists, casting light on the role of genes in driving development and revealing fascinating insights into human biology. This unique experience invites participants to meet four human-sized mutated flies – the gloriously named Fruitless, Yuri Gagarin, Antennapedia and Groucho.

Attired in fabulous costumes, the mutants chat about their own mutations, seek out human mutations (everything from red hair to rolled tongues), and take part in talks and activities led by scientists and artists.

A unique range of Mutant Circus artworks, created for us by award-winning writer and illustrator Nick Hayes, is also available via our shop.

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