Attraction Lab returned to Caveat for a special NYC Pride Week edition on Sunday 17 June 2018. We celebrated the LGBT+ community, queer researchers, and explored what scientific research had to say about attraction across the sexuality spectrum.

Queer Attraction Lab was an intimate evening of sensual experiments that deconstruct that romantic *spark* while spotlighting queer scientists, research on the sexuality spectrum, and the science of attraction.

Guests threw on blindfolds and unlocked the science of attraction. Through a series of interactive rounds, we explored how sight, touch, taste, smell and movement influenced romantic desires, and how you can spice up date night with a new friend or your significant other. No matter where you are in your journey of love, this playful evening had something for you to experience, enjoy, and discover.


Choose a ‘Here to Mingle’ ticket if you want to experience each round with new acquaintances. You will be seated in specific sections where you will switch partners for each round. Please note, participants will partner up across the gender and sexuality spectrum.

Choose ‘Couples & Groups’ tickets if you would like to remain with your partner(s) or friends for the duration of the evening.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the event, we discourage bringing big backpacks or bags. Make sure to keep valuables on you throughout the entire evening. There will be hangers to place your coats by the entrance. If you choose a “Here to Mingle” ticket, you will be shifting around the room, sometimes blindfolded, so please keep this in mind.

Is this like Guerilla Science’s Sensory Speed Dating event?
This event is not a speed dating event. It expands on Guerilla Science’s popular Sensory Speed Dating series, focusing more on self-discovery and what science knows about how attraction works. During the event, individuals seated in the “Mingles” section will be switching partners for every experiment round. The event is designed to explore how scientific research on attraction directly relates to dating and relationships. We will not be pairing people up after the show (but you’re more than welcome to keep the conversation going with your new acquaintances).

If I come with a date or friends, will we be split up?
Not unless you choose to. There will be two seating areas. One for people who experience each round with a new partner. One for partners and friends who only want to interact with the people they came with. If you would like to separate from your group during the interactive segments, please purchase a “Mingles” ticket. If you would like to remain with your group, please purchase a “Group” ticket together.

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