Explore how your senses drive your desires through an evening of visceral interactions with strangers. Discover the diverse ways we communicate non-verbally and, who knows, you might even get lucky…

We’re delighted to be running our Sensory Speed Dating event at New York’s fabulous Morbid Anatomy Museum this April. You can join us (for the bargain price of $25) to undertake six sensational challenges, each designed to awaken a new appreciation for the multi-sensory nature of attraction. And to to help guide us through the latest scientific knowledge on human attraction, we’ll have expert advice on hand (to be announced shortly).

Everyone taking part must come with a daring and trusty friend (a chaperone – how old fashioned!) who will help guide them through the experience. We’ll have two complete rounds, so each person will get the chance to see what happens when we do away with small-talk and arouse our hidden instincts. Forget love at first sight, what about love at first sniff?

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