Brave singles! We hosted a spooky Sensory Speed Dating Event on March 13th, FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!

We met at the Perfect Pint for a drink before embarking to a secret location, provided by the good people at chashama. Everyone brought an adventurous friend with them, as blindfolds were obligatory!

Neuroscientist Heather Berlin and Guerilla Science veteran Zachary Joel K guided courageous participants through a series of interactions with strangers. We explored the crazy science of sensory perception and how it influences our behavior. Studies show a simple touch, a pleasant (or unpleasant) smell, or the specific location where you meet someone can have drastic impacts on whether or not she or he is “into you.” Sensory Speed Dating allows you to smell, hear, taste, touch, see and move your way to a new awareness of the dynamic unconscious…

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