In July 2014 we returned to our birthplace and spiritual home – the Secret Garden Party – for three days of events, workshops and performances. To tie in with our forthcoming book, ‘The Science of Hedonism‘, our 2014 programme embraced three fabulous festival themes: sex, drugs and music.

Friday in the Guerilla Science tent saw a raucous array of talent grace our stage, with a blend of old favourites and exciting new acts. From Tim Maynard’s ever popular mini zoo, to the future of electronic music with artist Freida Abtan and an exploration of the therapeutic benefits of ketamine with psychologist Fran Meeten, we served up a mixture of talks, games and hands-on activities in the sweltering heat of the English summer.

As we moved into the weekend, Saturday kicked off some hangover cures from food scientist Becki Clark, before geneticist James Hodge encouraged our audience to get their hands dirty with fruitfly mutants and microscopes. Sunday saw a treasure hunt that guided punters across the festival site via an elaborate series of riddles, before culminating in our annual science-themed pub quiz.

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