In July 2017, we went back to the garden for what was the final and best year yet! In line with the main festival theme of celebrity, media and fame, we explored all the facets of our pop-culture obsessions.

SGP’s favourite renegade researchers bid a fond farewell to our birthplace with one last programme exploring how truth really is stranger than fiction.

We donned our tent with sparkles, mirrors, a red carpet, two life-size Oscar statues, and a golden chaise lounge, and packed the space with scientists, engineers, artists, singers, and media experts. Together they hosted everything from celebrity perfume-making, lucid dreaming lessons, space yoga, fake news quizzes, media assault courses, tea parties, and a spectacular session of karaoke on our Fire Organ. Gardeners also held photoshoots with a motley crew of reptiles, amphibians and insects, and discovered what kind of personalities make celebrities with our Paparazzi.

See the full final Garden Party lineup.

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