The Intergalactic Travel Bureau returned to New York City’s Intrepid Museum for the 2018 Space & Science Festival September 21st – 23rd. Our expert agents planned vacations to the universe’s most exotic destinations!

On the heels of a successful run at Burning Man, our team of astronomers landed in the Exploreum Interactive Hall on the hangar deck of a hulking aircraft carrier on a lovely weekend in September to assist guests with all of their space travel questions. Visitors sent over 500 postcards around the world, and thousands opted-in for a virtual reality tour of Mars, the Moon, and Europa—no deposit required! We were honored to share floor space with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Marshall Space Flight Center, Space Camp, and other top notch space travel industry experts for an out-of-this-world weekend. Olivia and Jana, authors of Vacation Guide to the Solar System, gave a special presentation to an audience of somewhat baffled onlookers, who huddled under the Enterprise Space Shuttle to listen to the intergalactic travel agents muse about the benefits and, ahem, challenges, of a holiday in microgravity. The Intrepid’s full festival program is here.

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