Stretch like an astronaut with Guerilla Science! Our intergalactic yoga class took yogis on a tour of the cosmos, and revealed what happens to our bodies and minds when we travel to outer space.

We brought our popular Space Yoga classes from the Secret Garden Party festival to a cosmic laboratory inside the Book Club in May. Certified yoga teacher Gemma Hart was joined by Tess Morris-Paterson, extreme performance specialist and researcher in space physiology. Together they took guests through interstellar asanas based on astronaut training exercises, spaceflight experiences, and the strange out-of-this-world effects of zero gravity environments.

Our space yogis stretched in the name of science, experimented with gravity and explored weightlessness through a series of postures – to feel what leaving the planet does to our physiology and psychology. Tess also shared insights from the training programme she is undertaking in preparation for astronaut selection with the European Space Agency.

Space Yoga is a revolutionary new combination of yoga and space science, created by Guerilla Science.

This was the closing event of our 2018 Spring residency at The Book Club.

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