Coming to New York City in time for the holidays is our next pop-up, Sweet Shoppe. In collaboration with artist Emilie Baltz, the immersive installation explores sugar’s role in everything from agricultural systems and cooking, to its physiological impact on the brain, to the politics of sugar manufacturing and obesity.

Free tickets available here.

Sweet Shoppe may look like any other high concept candy store, until you step inside and meet the shop keeper, a pharmacist who seems to have traveled from another time — or dimension? — in order to serve you. There is no medicine at this Willy Wonka-inspired apothecary, but the secret life of sugar (and a treat, if you’re nice) is offered in a broad range of immersive and sensory experiences incorporating art, technology and live performance.

Open for just three days starting December 1st, Sweet Shoppe is a collaboration between Guerilla Science—the collective behind dozens of surreal science experiences in New York City and around the country—and acclaimed artist Emilie Baltz, whose recent projects include the Cotton Candy Theremin at the Panorama Festival. Taking over a retail space at the luxury apartment building One Brooklyn Bridge Park (360 Furman St, ground floor, waterfront side), Baltz and Guerilla Science will offer shoppers, tourists, and curious passersby the chance to explore our complex affair with sugar — just in time for the holidays.

Sweet Shoppe will be open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis from 11 AM to 9 PM, with ticketed programming at 7 PM each night, the details of which will be announced at an upcoming date. Sweet Shoppe is located in a Chashama Space to Present.

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