Our one-of-a-kind winter weekend pop-up explored all the unexpected sides of the stuff we call sweet.

Created in collaboration between Guerilla Science and acclaimed experiential designer Emilie Baltz, Sweet Shoppe, an experiential pop-up in a retail space Brooklyn Bridge Park open to the public for just three days over one December weekend, combined an industrial wonderland with Willy Wonka and an incredible amount of sensory surprises to delight shoppers, tourists, and curious passersby — just in time for the holidays.

During the day, Sweet Shoppe guests of all ages explored the history and sociopolitical impact of sugar processing with custom grenadines at our Sugar Bar; investigated molecular structures of beloved treats and made their own cotton candy at the Confection Connection; tested the impact of their senses on their perception of sweetness in an audio tour of Dr. Sugar’s Sense Machine; used fruit sugars and their own bodies to make music in Emilie Baltz and Carla Diana‘s Lickestra, and finally, found out the “age” of their palates at our Fountain of Youth —  only to be sent back out into the world with their ability to taste sugar (temporarily) taken away!

At night, Sweet Shoppe also played host to Lick’n’Lube, an adult interactive experience exploring the darker side of sweetness. Lick’n’Lube visitors tasted treats inspired by the sugars in edible lubricants, plated in their own hands by chef Amy Ho, played sweet music on the Lickestra using only their tongues — and ice cream — and took a tour with neuroscientist Ashley Juavinett of the multisensory and cultural perceptions of sugar.

For more on Sweet Shoppe, visit our Flickr or check our the Brooklyn Paper.

Sweet Shoppe was located in a ChaShaMa Space to Present. All images by Hunter Canning.

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