The Appointment is an experimental work in progress, using film and sound to delve deeper into the experience of reality and your conscious self.

Based on the research of neuroscientist Anil Seth, and created in collaboration with composer Jamie Perera, and director and producer Katharine Round, the installation demonstrates that reality is not always as it seems…

We shared a sneak peek of our project in development at Ideas in Progress – a playful evening filled with a range of brand new ideas. The audience were invited to step through black curtains, provided a headset to watch a short film, and explored the science of consciousness. Afterwards they gave us their feedback – which will help us to develop the piece.

The event was curated by Open Senses: the world’s first festival dedicated to sensory practice and research. The evening brought together a diverse group of practitioners that experiment with the senses, and featured contributions by Sarah McCartney, Heloise Turnstall-Behrens and Wisp.


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