This June, we’re returning to FIGMENT festival on New York City’s Governor’s Island. Join us as we celebrate what it means to be human at the Sensorium, with a selection of our very best Guerilla experiences alongside the output of our artist-scientist residencies.

Daily on our Guerilla Science Stage

12:00 & 15:00 – Space Yoga

Stretch like an astronaut in our intergalactic yoga class, and discover what happens to our bodies and minds in space.

12:45 & 15:45 – Jelly Brains

Explore the most complicated thing in the universe: the human brain, in edible jello and panna cotta form. Then eat it!

13:30 & 15:30 – Anatomical Life Drawing

An art lesson with a twist! We’ll reveal the inner anatomy of the body of a live model by painting on their skin.

14:15 & 17:15 – Attraction Lab

Put on a blindfold and uncover how your senses, brain and body react when you meet lovers and friends.

Daily out and about

Flavor Feast

Trick your senses in a series of edible experiments, and experience how smell, touch, sight and hearing influence taste.

The Entomophatron

Our diner serves the finest bugs in town—the food source of the future. Insects served fresh daily!

Sense-ational Consultants

Our roving consultants will put your senses to the test, and determine which multisensory experience is right for you.

Precious Germs by Alexandria Palaferri Schieber

Discover the complexities and simplicities of bacteria at this shop, where we invite customers to become one with the billions of precious germs in your gut. Explore gut-microbial interactions through first-hand sensations of what it’s like to be a germ, and play to win an original microbial art piece.

The Fabric of Spacetime by Kayla Lewis and Gabriela Lemos

Which theory of quantum gravity most defines your style? Peruse cosmic clothing lines, choose your favorite weaving of space-time to wear, and uncover the fabric of everything. Will you be clothed in loop quantum gravity, generalized string theory or causal sets? Find out in this exclusive inventory of quantum looks.

Interactive art experiences inside our Sensorium house

Sonic Tour of the Brain

What does the brain sound like? Relax by our giant brain and listen to its mysteries.

The Womb of the World – a Feeling Sound Spa by being((:))sound and Dr. Claudia Aguirre

Can you relearn to listen with your body? Can the sensations of sound bring us together? What would it feel like to experience sound as the touch of the world? Touch is the first sense we develop and is deeply connected to vibration and sound. Experience hearing in a new way using this tactile sense.

Balloon Brain by Sarah Vitak

Join us in an immersive interactive brain section made entirely of balloons, and help recreate the connections inside this fascinating organ. Try walking through a jungle of neurons, build new parts of the brain, or make memories by moving, disconnecting, and reconnecting brain cells.

Plasticization Clinic by Lauren Ruiz

How plastic are you? Determine the plastic content of your life and body with a specially trained plasticization consultant. Come see if we can discover our own BPA levels, find out the future of plastics, and uncover the effects of plastic waste on the planet and our everyday lives.

Best Bias by Thomas Koff

Delve into the biases of your brain in our concept kitchen, as we launch a product line of household appliances to correct outdated biases. Find truth in our rhyme-as-reason refrigerator sets, see faces in our newest pareidolia TVs, and throw on platform shoes to become the same height as new friends.

Smell-X by Olivia Jezler

What if you lost your sense of smell? We will transport you to a world without scent to learn how we can understand smell through other senses. Special agents will seek out persons with a very special gene to become smell translators and compete to bring smell back to humanity.