In early 2017, Guerilla Science invited emerging NYC artists for a Fire Organ residency to compose works that explore the relationship of music and the physical properties of sound. On October 15th, join us a for one-night-only celebration of sound & fire at National Sawdust featuring performances by our artists-in-residence.

Meet our Fire Organ Artists-in-Residence.


Ziemba’s multisensory performances offer an alchemy that is both alien and familiar. The Brooklyn-based composer, perfumier, geographer, and vocalist builds oozy architectures for her songs using fragrance, costume, and only the most sincere theatrics. She recently founded Ardis Multiverse, a sonic fragrance imprint and artists alliance, and has spent the past year touring nationally and internationally in support of her debut album, “Hope is Never.” She has most recently been featured on the Fader and VICE’s i-D.

On her performance…

The Fire Organ will serve as a vehicle for interweaving sound and fragrance in Ziemba’s synesthetic performance. The voices of five singers will ignite the flames, and these vocal inputs will trigger specific scents on a fragrance apparatus built within the housing of the Fire Organ. This will make the combination of scents change in direct relation to sonic stimuli. In this way, the Fire Organ will function as a translator between the human voice and scent, while offering a visual window into the translation. This mode of interconnecting scent and sound is an extension of Ziemba’s recent work for her multisensory label, Ardis Multiverse, which offers incense/fragrance artifacts to accompany music releases. In this way, the sonic space becomes more fully materialized, as listeners are provided multiple sensory entry-points into sounds, developing a complex associative web of sense-tones.


Composer, amateur engineer, scientific tourist, and pack rat P. Spadine spends the vast majority of his time guiding the Ashcan Orchestra thru it’s glorification rites praising the known universe and is incredibly grateful for the opportunities shared by D.I.Y. basements to respectable NYC institutions that have allowed Ashcan to share it’s menagerie since 2007.

On his performance…

A purveyor of pattern based music, a dominant theme in their main vehicle Ashcan Orchestra (a NYC-based, handbell-heavy performance ensemble), composer/tinkerer P.Spadine is excited to present new compositions investigating the musical possibilities of boolean logic. The compositions will employ various physical systems (bicycle wheels, pendulums, light levels, etc) and all their inherent imperfections as input signals into several small “musical computers”.  These “computers” contain simple boolean networks which, along with some mechanical memory, allow patterns to blossom from the fundamental processes of computing as input data passes through the logic gates. Using these patterns as musical material the “computers” will trigger sine waves tuned to the resonant frequencies of the Fire Organ allowing the logic buttressing each composition to displayed in flames as the music is played.


Levy Lorenzo works at the intersection of music, art, and technology. On an international scale, his body of work spans custom electronics design, sound engineering, instrument building, installation art, free improvisation, and classical percussion. A core member of acclaimed the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), he fulfills multiple roles as live sound engineer, electronicist, and percussionist.

On his performance…

Levy will explore the primitive relationship between drum and fire.  Using both Skin and Electronic Drums, he will control this ceremonial (yet futuristic) bonfire, creating an entrancing visual and sonic experience.


Catch their performance live at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust on Sunday, October 15th. Tickets now available here.