The sublime Brecon Beacons beckon. Catch us August 20 to 22 in Einstein’s Garden.

Sounds of the Universe: Lewis Dartnell & Andrew Pontzen

Walks: Friday 1330 & 1630, Saturday 1100, 1400 & 1715, Sunday 1300 & 1545

Talks: Friday 1630 w/ Andrew & Sat 1330 w/ Lewis, Yurt Stage

Hear the the bassy reverberations of the surface of our Sun, the eerie shrieks of Jupiter, and feverish radio pulses from the cores of dead stars. Plus a talk on astrobiology with Lewis on Saturday.

The Synaesthesia Game: Guerilla Science & Coney

Saturday 1215 and Sunday 1345, Yurt Stage

The Professor has made a brain – but it has synaesthesia: it hears sounds when it sees colours. Come see what it thinks you sound like to look at. Unlike anything you’ve seen – or heard – before.

Flavour Feast: Becki Clarke & Rachel Edwards Stuart

Friday 1530, Saturday 1630, Sunday 1745, Workshop Tent

Celebrate the manifold facets of flavour with our sensory smorgasbord. Sample from our menu of taste tests with expert food scientists and explore the tantalizing mysteries of your senses.

Jelly Brain Dissections: Guy Billings

Friday 1530, Saturday 1630, Sunday 1745, Workshop Tent

Come for a cuppa and a slice of delicious jelly, set in the shape of your marvellous cerebrum. We will dissect, discuss and digest the most complex thing in the known universe: your mind.

Liars Picnic: Lynsey Gozna & Rachel Taylor

Friday 1900 & Sunday 1445, Yurt Stage

How good are you at spotting a lie? Forensic psychologists will teach you to spot the telltale signs. Then put your newfound shifty skills to the test in a lying match. Prizes for the finest fibbers. Cheating is compulsory – no exceptions.