This summer I learnt many new skills: how to be a judge, build an island, cook pannacotta. But perhaps the strangest task I got to grips with was the creation of alarmingly-coloured spaghetti and ‘caviar’ out of agar and pureed vegetables.

Making gelatinous green beads and red spaghetti is a messy process involving rubber tubing, pipettes, syringes, and spraying hot red sauce all over your kitchen (or that might just be me) but I think the results were well worth it, as I hope you can see from the pretty pictures below.

So why engage in such culinary oddities, I hear you ask. Well, for the fourth time this summer we dished up a Flavour Feast to the punters at the Green Man festival and my curious creations were on the menu.

Joining us for the feast were the fabulous Becki and Rachel, dressed in matching white smocks and hairnets, while I did my best butler impression.

I won’t go into the details of the science behind the Flavour Feast as I covered it in a previous post, but I think the audience had a good time eating, drinking, talking and painting their tongues blue…