On Sunday 15 July, we’re back at Citadel festival, following a fantastic debut last year! Our four-hour Science Camp takeover will teach you to stretch like an astronaut, tingle your taste buds as we investigate flavour, and you might even get lucky as we explore human attraction with our senses… Check out our lineup!

Space Yoga 13:00 – 13:45

Embark on a tour of the cosmos as we unearth the effects of microgravity on the body and the mind, while getting you loose and limber in preparation for a day of festival dancing.

Hosted by certified yoga instructor Gemma Hart, and Andrew Kuh from the UK Space Agency, this intergalactic class is suitable for all levels of flexibility. Yoga mats will be provided so all you’ll need to bring is your sunny Sunday selves.

After the session is over, we’ll chat more to Andrew about UK space science, commercial spaceflight and the future of space exploration.

Flavour Feast 14:15 – 15:00

Surprise your taste buds in this flavourful frenzy as we uncover the multisensory nature of flavour perception. You’ll be given an experimental lunch bag containing a series of tongue twisting experiences, lovingly prepared by our Guerilla chefs.

Renegade sensory researcher Imogen Ramsey will be leading us on these toothsome travels, including the juicy illusion and the frequency of flavour – are you ready for such a delectable journey?

Before we start our next event, we’ll invite our upcoming scientist, Viren, to join us for a discussion on society, beauty and body image.

Attraction Lab 15:30 – 16:15

In this laboratory of love we’ll discover the different senses of attraction under the cover of a blindfold. You’ll be led through six rounds of playful experimentation – sound, taste, touch, sight, smell and movement – to discover what turns you ON and OFF.

Social psychologist Viren Swami, author of Attraction Explained, will be directing this dance of desire. Lovely, lucky and lonely hearts welcome.