MzTEK is a nonprofit collective with the aim of encouraging women artists to pick up technical skills in the fields of new media, computer arts, and technology. Guerilla Science is a nonprofit purveyor of science entertainment for arts oriented crowds. Match made in heaven? We’d like to think so.

Together we hosted a workshop for women to come and learn how to create a musical instrument, inspired by the designs of Kobakant, in partnership with PhD Media Arts and Technology Engineer Shauna Concannon.

The wonderful Debbie Davies documented the day for us, producing a short film – have a look, see.

In the second act, later this summer at Wilderness and Shambala we will hack these instruments into outfits, stitching synths into shirts, turning trousers into trumpets and redesigning dresses into drums. For the final act, we will assemble en masse for an impromptu orchestral performance unlike any other, led by composer Florian Lunaire who will score our singular soundtrack as we wind our way throughout the festival.

This event is generously sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering.