The Intergalactic Travel Bureau has gone digital! We’re bringing the joy of a trip to space to everyone through our new mobile virtual reality app. Now you can enjoy a leisurely stroll on the Moon without leaving the comfort of your home. Download the app for your iPhone here and Android device here

After years of planning space vacations for puzzled passersby, we are excited to finally make your space vacationing dreams come true. Let’s face it, a trip to a nearby planet is not cheap, and most of our clients leave our offices disappointed that they can’t afford the downpayment to get them on their way. And while many of our visitors enjoy sending a postcard from their favorite spacey getaway spot, or having their picture taken on Mars, nothing compares to the feeling of gazing up at the stars on an alien world.

All you need is a smartphone and a cardboard VR viewer to get on your way to vacation bliss. Our “Space Vacation” app includes virtual trips to the historic Apollo 11 landing site, a flyover tour of Mars’s Mariner Valley, and a breathtaking opportunity to gaze up at a view of Jupiter from its icy moon Europa!