Is sugar naughty or nice? In December 2017, we created a very special winter pop-up, exploring all things sweet. Sweet Shoppe featured a diverse programme of sugary installations and activities, including a titillating adults-only experience…

The Sweet Shoppe pop-up that I created in collaboration with Emilie Baltz in Brooklyn Bridge Park was a wonderful Wonka-land of sugar exploration of all kinds! I particularly loved Lick’n’Lube, our two-night adults-only event that dove into the darker side of sugar in some very special ways.

Here are my top five highlights of Lick’n’Lube:


5. Sensory experiments with our neuroscientist Ashley Juavinett. I love letting people see just how much our eyes, ears, and noses impact what we think we’re eating — especially when it comes to sugar!


4. A brand-new cocktail recipe that let guests mix gin with homemade grenadines from all kinds of sugars: honey, corn syrup, cherry juice, and cane!


3. Hors d’oeuvres inspired by edible lubricants, which use lots of sugar products to give them sweetness (did you know there are kosher-certified edible lubricants?)


2. Our plating for these hors d’oeuvres — a genius idea from Emilie Baltz that I’d never seen before. Chef Amy Ho plated directly into guests’ clean hands, and let them lick their own lubricated snack right up!


1. My absolute favorite part of Lick’n’Lube: watching people play the Lickestra together for the first time!


Find out more about Sweet Shoppe here.