We’ll set music alight, find out how to speak to people in comas, and blow some shit up. Come find us with Bearded Kitten under the Cat Flap in London’s Victoria Park at the Lovebox weekend music festival.

Saturday July 17

Anthem For Lovebox: Score our festival soundtrack, 1230-1300

Music psychologist Gianna Cassidy and singer songwriter Eoghan Colgan invite you to create a festival anthem exploring how we experience music through technology, from downloading on the move to transforming into a Guitar Hero in your living room

Waking the dead? Speaking to people in comas, 1300-1315

Are people in vegetative states really unconscious? Neuroscientist Adrian Owen has used brain scans to show that sometimes people in comas are conscious but unable to communicate. Fascinating – as well as terrifying.

Mad Scientist: Dr Syzdlo Blows shit up, 1315-1345

Catch a set of spectacular experiments by crazy chemist Dr Syzdlo: he plays the bugle, turns water into magic, and blows the lids off garbage cans. Come discover the secrets of what makes the best bang.

Sonic Fire: Setting music alight, 1345-1400

We throw music, fire and bass together for an unmissable performance. Steve Mould will literally change the way you see sound using a Reuben’s tube to reveal the shapes of sonic waves with a string of dancing flames.