Come watch a freak show temptress pierce herself, find out why you are gay, and behold the dancing flames of sonic fire. Come join our second day with Bearded Kitten under the Cat Flap in London’s Victoria Park at Lovebox festival this weekend.

“Freak show temptress” Vivid Angel.

Sunday July 18

Sonic Fire: Setting music alight, 1215-1235

We throw music, fire and bass together for an unmissable performance. Steve Mould will literally change the way you see sound using a Reuben’s tube to reveal the shapes of sonic waves with a string of dancing flames.

Why Am I Gay? 1235-1305

Nature or nurture? It’s a contentious issue that strikes at the heart of who we are and who we love. Psychologist Glenn Wilson explains what influences our sexuality from our genes, to the womb, to our culture.

Vivid Angel: Learn to love pain, 1305-1335

Explore how “burlesque freak show temptress” Vivid Angel transcends the pain threshold in a performative session, of piercing and burning hooked up to biomonitoring equipment. Clinical psychologist and researcher Matteo Cella will explain the science as she bleeds for you.

Sonic Fire: Setting music alight, 1335-1350

Twice in one day. Because it’s just that awesome.

Again, again!