Find us up in the Treehouse above the Gaymers bar the weekend of July 17 at the Lovebox weekend music festival in London.

Ferrospikes by Steve Mould

Saturday July 17

Rhythm & The Brain, 1315-1345

Neuroscientist and classical musician Jessica Grahn reveals that regular beats are rooted in the brain and how rhythms really are the core of the soul. Make friends and discover that music is sonic social bonding.

Mastering Memory, 1415-1445

With memory maestro and Times columnist Ed Cooke and neuroscientist Adrian Owen. Explore the nooks and crannies of your mind and improve your powers of recall at the same time. Learn to keep the unforgettable unforgotten.

Sunday July 18

Small & Beautiful Experiments With Steve Mould, 1245-1315

Our physics maestro reveals the extraordinary in the ordinary. Watch miniature explosions, make ferrospike patterns with magnets, and discover that magenta does not exist – only in your mind.

Is Gender An Illusion? 1445-1515

Boy or girl? The answer isn’t so simple. Up to one in fifty of us may be of an “ambiguous gender”, from “girls” who have male chromosomes (XY) to people who simply do not identify with one sex at all. Discover that nature does not come in binary systems and how sexuality spans a spectrum.