Photographer Kevin Rooney, whose lovely portfolio can be perused here and his flickr site explored here (Pandy Cants – what a handle), has kindly said we could post his stellar pics of chemist Dr Andrew Szydlo’s explosive perfomance at Lovebox this past July.

Dr Szydlo cools his tea with liquid nitrogen.

The wonderful Dr Szydlo not only wowed the crowd with fire, smoke, bangs, and booms, he happily let us bill him in the programme as a “mad scientist” who would “blow shit up”. We love him.

Creating rainbow water with universal indicator and flair.

We were introduced to the wonderful Dr Szydlo by his assistant and former student Ben Dives, who had the good (some would say incredible) fortune to have the good doc for A-level chemistry. If only all teachers were like this.

More pics on our flickr site here.

Nonetheless, photos do not do this man justice. You will have to wait for the full video to truly appreciate the spectacle of Dr Andrew Szydlo: chemist, actor, and unparalleled showman.

He blew the lids off garbage cans. He made rainbow water. He played the violin. He showed us the beauty and the spectacle of chemistry. And he blew tennis balls so high into the sky we thought they might land far afield on the head of some unlucky hipster (if only).

Dr Szydlo: half chemist, half amazing.