In May 2018, the Mutant Circus will be buzzing on over to the Eden Project in Cornwall for one weekend only to hold a magnifying glass to the world of fruit fly research. Meet our four deviant Drosophila and their enthusiastic Ringmaster as they quiz your mutant credentials and demonstrate that big discoveries come in small packages.

Come one, come all, to the greatest human-insect collaboration of our generation – the Mutant Circus! Fruit flies, or Drosophila if you’re feeling formal, are the hidden heroes behind six Nobel prizes and over a century of research into genetics. Featuring bespoke costumes by designer Georgie Shire and a scintillating talk by Dr Fly himself, Guerilla Science is proud to present four of the most beautiful mutants around: Antennapedia, Groucho, Yuri, and Fruitless.

Our mutants will be buzzing around the Eden Project from Friday 25 – Sunday 27 May with a quick fire list of genetic tests for anyone who crosses their path. Whether you’ve got dry earwax, curly hair, or superhuman sight, we can (and will!) help you find your inner mutant. While you’re at it, try challenging Antennapedia to a dance-off, tickling Groucho’s ‘stache, defying gravity with Yuri, or stepping in line to the courtship conga with Fruitless.

We’ll also be putting on a show where you can learn more about the mutations that make our flies so special, as well as how they got their bizarre names. After the show, we’ll be going behind the buzz with scientist James Hodge from the University of Bristol as he talks about his work with these incredible insects.

And if that’s not enough for you, we’ll be rounding off the evening with an exclusive Dr Fly DJ set in the Mediterranean Biome’s Citrus Grove (or Citrus Groove, as it’s sure to be renamed once we’re done with it).

If you’re ready to join the Mutants in Eden then you can buy tickets to the opening weekend of Invisible Worlds (25th – 27th May) here.