The Intergalactic Travel Bureau once again opened up shop on August 14, 2014 at 266 W. 37th Street in New York City. Hosted in a gallery space owned by chashama, an organization that gives artists space to create, we helped hundreds of visitors envision their dream getaway to the stars for three full days. 


Zach Kopciak welcomes visitors to the ITB.

Thousands of New Yorkers were confronted with a possibility many of them had never considered: a vacation to another planet. For those who were game to indulge our bold proposition, a delightful experience awaited. We served up gourmet space treats – freeze dried blueberry yogurt and refreshing Tang – to each visitor, followed by a personalized vacation consultation. Offerings included an ultra-discounted package to Uranus and a weeklong  jaunt to Earth’s own moon.

ITB ReceiptAfter reviewing the possibilities, clients sent a free postcard from space from selected destinations. Vacation package offers don’t expire, and the Intergalactic Travel Bureau is ready to honor any the quoted price upon receipt of the 25 percent down payment. Many of our clients took a picture from the Moon or Mars, via the magic of a green screen, free of charge. Our New York event was part of our Kickstarter-funded US tour, recently featured by the Creator’s Project.


Kurston Melton and her Jeremy Paten of New Orleans send greetings from the Moon.