With scientists from the ZSL, Coral Cay Conservation and Blue Ventures, we hosted a coral reef crafting workshop designed by model-maker Roseanne Wakely.

Featuring latex gloves, colourful taffeta, plastic lenses and a cornucopia of baubles, guests were invited to help us populate the growing reef with six species of coral, all of which were modelled on specimens living in tanks around us in the Ultralounge of Selfridges.

Our reefs began their life as bare white scaffolds, in imitation of the “bleached” reefs that are dying worldwide due to rising sea temperatures. Swathes of green felt were on hand to smother the reefs, just as algae and seaweed do globally on account of over fishing and eutrophication.

Through the medium of craft, and using art to imitate life, we discovered the anatomy, diversity, growth, decline, and imperilled future of these amazing animals.

Part of Project Ocean, a month of activities hosted by Selfridges in partnership with the Zoological Society of London and 20 conservation and environmental NGOs.