In partnership with the Zoological Society of London and Selfridges department store, we will be hosting a variety of workshops, performances and demonstrations every Saturday from May 14 to June 4 as part of Project Ocean, a month of activities involving more than 20 environmental and conservation groups aimed at tackling over-fishing and raising funds to establish new Marine Reserves with the ZSL in the Philippines.

Come find us every Saturday in the Ultralounge inside Selfridges on Oxford Street in London as we explore the complexity, fragility and beauty of the sublime seas of the world.

Transforming Trash, 10:30am – 1:30pm May 14, 21, 28 and June 4

Here’s a chance to clear out your trash – bring any empty plastic rubbish in store along with your crafting skills to add to our expanding plastic trash sculpture. Inspired by the bulk of plastic garbage the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean, we will be making use of the disused with old bottles and bags to create turtles, jellyfish and marine worms. Come reform refuse with artists Evy Jokhova (May 21 and 28) and Lusea Warner (May 14 and June 4), both experienced re-modelers of discarded plastic.

Lusea Warner with her signature reformed plastic hand bag.

Crafting Coral, 3-6pm May 14, 21, 28 and June 4

Come create a coral reef and help build the Ultralounge’s flourishing reef installation with artists, coral scientists, with live corals for inspiration. Ponder this slow-growing but incredible animal, its colourful occupants, and imperiled future as we help art imitate life and discuss coral biology with scientists from the ZSL, Coral Cay Conservation and Blue Ventures in a coral reef modeling workshop designed by model-maker Roseanne Wakely.

Coral of the genus Favia, which we will have live in tanks.

Model design by Roseanne Wakely.

Into The Abyss, 2pm May 14

What lurks in the deep? A shocking amount, even in the darkest depths: some of it bizarre, others utterly alien. Find out more with luminescent visuals and incredible footage of the astounding diversity of life that flourishes in the abyss. Guest speakers will join us for a Pecha Kucha series of short talks about what lurks in the least explored place on Earth.

Bona fide kraken: tentacles from the newly encountered giant squid.

Fishy Facts, 12pm and 5pm May 14, 21, 28 and June 4

Think you’re an ocean expert? Did you know that whales can chat to each other over ten thousand kilometres or that coral glows in UV? Enter our weekly quiz for the chance to be astounded and delighted over new discoveries from the deep and its inhabitants with our quiz hosts Steve Mould and Zoe Cormier.

Photosynthetic algae that live inside giant clams can create energy from the meagre sunlight that penetrates the thick shell.

DIY Sea Shanties, 3pm May 21, 28 and June 4

How does the ocean make you feel? Come share your seaside memories, dreams and fears with geek-pop songstress Helen Arney and Olly the Octopus who will help you transform your words into lyrics and score them into a sing-a-long sea shanty.

Geek pop songstress Helen Arney with us at Battersea for the Lost Lovers Ball.

Fractal Sealife Drawing Class, 2pm May 21 and May 28

Discover the beauty of fractal patterns in coral reefs, sea shells and spiny urchins with our mathematical maestro Steve Mould and artist Evy Jokovha, who will help you illustrate the infinite.

From “A Counter Productive Society,” an installation by Evy Jokhova for the Florence Trust.

Kings of the Sea, 2pm June 4

Say goodbye to cod, salmon and tuna and make way for the jellyfish. We will reveal why we’ll be seeing (and possibly eating) a lot more of this jiggly creature in the future and you’ll have the chance to meet the next King of the Sea in all its gelatinised glory.